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Voice work

I allowed the use of my voice on a podcast, and a sketch show, and I know you can’t hear it right this second, but believe me it’s a great voice. It’s like having Morgan Freeman read the main courses from the Harvester menu into your earholes.

Here they are:

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VO - The Folded Hawk - Episode One - Cockney Builder - (09:00 - 02:01) (here

VO - The Lost Tapes of History Podcast S1 - King Henry VII and the Customs Officer - King Henry VII - (here)

VO - The Lost Tapes of History Podcast S2 - Reginald Scot and the Magician - The Magician - (here)

Zoom Guest - Clinton Baptiste's Paranormal Podcast - S5 Ep47 - Self - (here)

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