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I am THE best and funniest comedy writer you will ever meet* and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. I am originally from South Wales, but I felt that my awesomeness was too great to keep confined to one country. So, like a Welsh dart striking the bullseye on the dartboard of life, I moved to the Mid Lands of England.

Awards, accolades, credits and all that official stuff are just nonsense, and I refuse to have any part in it. Except if you want to give me one, in which case I’d happily accept. (Shh, keep that under your hat. Unless you don’t have a hat. I can’t believe you don’t have a hat. Loser)

Anyway, have a gander through this site. If anything tickles your beans (or bean if a lady) or you fancy working with this genius, then give me a shout. Not literally, or I could have a fright. What I mean by shout is an email, or a Twitter or something. Whatever man, I’m cool.

*you thought I’d write ‘not really’ down here didn’t you? Fools!

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Don’t believe that I’m super awesome? Have a word with yourself, and then check out what these lovely people had to say -

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“Brad contributed ideas and gags for my first tour. He is very sharp and funny and had a real sense of what and who he was writing for.”

Alex Lowe - Actor, writer.

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“Brad is my go-to comedy actor when it comes to a delicious Welsh accent. His comic timing is perfect for my podcast and he is really fun to work with. He is always trying to improve his work and go the extra mile, which is always brilliant for producers who are detail orientated, like me!”

Kerrie Fuller, Since79 Productions, Lost Tapes of History Podcast

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“Brad is a certified funny bloke with loads of ideas, and can confirm that he's great fun to collaborate with - both as a gag writer and a voice actor.”

Alex MJ Smith - Screenwriter and Comedy Writer

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"Comedy career could be abruptly ended now we all like Dominic Cummings"

Trevor Rudge - Comedy Writer

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